My journey to become a profesYBDYsional ballet dancer began when I was less than five years old. Please join me as I strive my way through the challenges that face all those who aspire to a career in ballet.

Following on from five years at White Lodge, I have now settled into the first of three challenging but exciting years at our Upper School in Covent Garden.

Prisca - Student of Dance at The Royal Ballet School, London

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A quick update from Tokyo


After our amazing end of year performance at the Royal Opera House last Saturday I travelled to Japan where I am thoroughly enjoying a new life experience and extra ballet training. I am staying with the very kind family of one of my Japanese friends until July 26th and I have been treated to lots of lovely things already. The school where I am attending classes has produced many outstanding dancers, so I hope to gain something beneficial during my time here.

I look forward to writing more about my visit when I am back at home in Italy.

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