The Royal Ballet School Defilé 2012

Most readers who follow The Royal Ballet School will know that we close each academic year with a performance on the main stage of the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. The best of both the Upper and Lower School is showcased to the general public and the event closes with our Grand Defilé performed to Karl Czerny, Études arranged and orchestrated by Knudåge Riisager.
For the first time last July a good quality recording was made of this spectacular finale where more than 200 students from both Upper and Lower Schools flow onto the stage in an exuberant climax.  I happily provided a YouTube link here and many of you enjoyed watching it … but unfortunately, the video clip has since been withdrawn. In it’s place I have re-posted this photo of us all on stage at the end of the performance.
Students from the School July 2012. That's me; 4th row from left, 7th girl back.

Students from the School July 2012. That’s me; 4th row from left, 7th girl back.

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  1. how fantastic to be able to see this amazing performance again!!!! I need a massive screen to try and recapture the spectacle.

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