YBDY Semi-Finalist 2014

This afternoon I made it through to the Young British Dancer of the Year (YBDY) Semi-Finals. I will perform Aurora’s pas de deux variation from Act III of Sleeping Beauty. Can’t wait!

imagePlease click on this rehearsal photo by Cheryl Angear to see how you can have a signed colour copy sent to you.

PS: Despite the semi-final going quite well for me, I wasn’t selected for the final. I was happy to have had the chance to perform my solo though. Eight girls and eight boys were selected, however all prizes went to the boys this year.

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5 thoughts on “YBDY Semi-Finalist 2014

  1. Vocational ballet training over many years includes the in-depth study of Repertoire, ‘pas de deux’ training, contemporary dance and choreographic studies, in addition to daily barre and centre classes. Even after eight years of full-time vocational training, audition success leading to a company contract is not guaranteed. I recall that due to our intensive (non RAD) training, we needed just a few classes to prepare for the RAD Advance 1 examination. Although it is an extremely valid qualification to have, particularly towards a RAD teaching diploma, it perhaps would not be considered sufficient to gain a contract with a company.

  2. Congratulations on your progress!
    And I have a little question for you:
    Would you say that if you earn a high Distinction in the RAD Advanced 2 (or Solo Seal) Award, you would have a realistic chance to get a contract with a ballet company? What I´m saying is, is the level the RAD sets high enough, or is it impossible to get to the level you would need to be without daily vocational training at a big important ballet school?

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